Of gushing streams and teardrops…

We Happened, Nothing Planned

We happened
Nothing planned
We became close friends
Love started to grow
I saw a lot in you I wanted for keeps
Guess it’s a long thing happening
Then you took a part of me and hurt me…
Still healing yet I realized I even love you more
I forgave you even though you never asked
In these I was still your friend but guess somethings can’t just be
Great friend to me you want to be

We happened, nothing planned
Now I’m left to pick up the pieces
Pieces of my broken heart

Tessy, TessCee

Tessy, TessCee
Sounds like it’s short for “Therese, see”
See that you are beautiful
Like the bright morning sun
See that you’re resplendent
Like sunset over a beach
See that your light shines bright
More intense than the afternoon sun
See that your life is glorious
The daughter of the Father of glory is… GLORY

Tee, I see you
I see excellence and perfection in you
My favorite anchor and voice over goddess
I hear your voice
And it’s pleasant and soothing
I see you in white
My favorite lab scientist
I celebrate you
Today and always
May your light shine ever so brightly

Happy Birthday Tee

Chisom n’azụ

Dark-skinned but fair minded
Super intelligent yet simple
Beautiful in every way and dimension
Alluring and deeply engaging
Passionate and yet so jovial

She’s someone you simply can’t get enough of
You’d want to take in that beauty one more time
You’d want to listen to the gems she drops again and again
You’d want to hear the sound of her voice…
And her laughter like a dance of cymbals.

I met her years back, when she was still a little one
Well, not so little
Many years later she’s still amazing
Scratch that, much more amazing
She’s grown into an irresistible woman
Not just in body, but in mental capacity and business acumen

Words aren’t enough to do you justice
I can only try as much as I can
And on this your birthday, I just want to say
Thank you for being a great and amazing friend
I love you so much

Not In Words (Thanksgiving)

Not in words, I heard him say
Not in words.
Not in music or rhythm or arts
Not in things that can be made or created
For who can know the mind of God except a God man?
Your beauty is beyond comprehension
Your love, so infinite
Your faithfulness is for all generations
And your mercy is ever new
Who can sing your praise except him that knows you?
Who can shout your fame except him that met you?
We love you because you defined love in us
We couldn’t have known love if not for you
You loved us even before we knew you
You chose us long before we even showed up…

Not in words, really,
Not in words.
For what words can talk about the indescribable God?
Not in words, not just in words
It’s a heart of THANKSGIVING!


In the midst of the noise, I asked for clarity
Then He said “Put them away, put them all away”
Like the refiner’s fire
Until the pure gold remains…

Bold, Vocal and Free

I love how bold you’ve become
I love how vocal you are now
Free to express yourself
Willing to contribute
Without thinking what they’ll make of you
You once lived in shadows
Afraid of what people think about your opinions
You once walked quietly and circumspectly
Afraid to step on toes
But truth is like smoke
It can’t be hidden
Truth is like fire
It burns and consumes
You either burn with it
Or it burns you up…

Your Rebound

I was your rebound

The stopgap

Between your ex and your next

I was that train ride

From the place you left

To the place you’re going

I was that scenic view

The lush greenery

That kept you occupied and calmed your nerves

I was the music that played in your ears

When the sights turned dry and bare

Now we’re closer to your city

Your destination

And I watch you anticipate

I see you joyful at the coming experience

You can barely contain your excitement

Should I feel sad?

Maybe a little jealous?

I can’t fight this

So I slip away quietly…

Before the sounds of the city comes alive

If Ever I needed You… 

If Ever I needed you
To stand with me through
The pain and disappointment
A shoulder to lean on in this predicament

If ever I needed your love
The care you’ve always spoken of
If ever I needed your strength
And courage to go the length
And stand strong in spite
Of the challenges and fight

If ever I needed someone to hold
Love and cherish till we get old
Someone who brightens my world with a smile
And makes me feel it was all worthwhile
If ever I needed you…
My dear, the time is NOW!

Like Her(Not Her)

Slim like her…
Act like her
Smile like her
But you’re not her
No! And never will be

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